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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a buying and selling of goods & services over the internet. The term electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to any kind of business transactions that involves the transfer of information through the internet.

Ex. Buying a dress from an online shopping portal, booking online train or flight tickets, booking an hotel or holiday trip are the activities which comes under                e-commerce.

Over the last decade e-commerce has changed the way of people using internet. People are now not only using internet to gather adequate knowledge, entertain or socialize themselves, but also at the same time they are seeking measures to conducts business.

There are mainly 4 types of businesses occurs in e-commerce;

  1. B2B (Business to Business):- Business between two businesses. Ex. between Manufacturer and Wholesaler or wholesaler and retailer.
  2. B2C (Business to Consumer):- It is the type of business happens directly between business and consumer (end user).
  3. C2B (consumer to business):- Here consumer creates a value and businesses consume that value. Ex. Customer writes reviews, online auctions etc.
  4. C2C (Consumer to Consumer):- Consumers trade with each other using a third party platform. Ex. eBay, Olx.in etc.

How It All Started?

As new technologies, inventions and thousands of businesses entering the online market each year e-commerce continues to grow year by year. The security convenience and user experience of e-commerce has improved a lot.

In India e-commerce is introduced when Rediff.com added online shopping to its portal in 1999. Later after 3 or 4 months indiatimesshopping come to e-commerce market in 2000, but both of them fails to convince the country to shop online.

In 2000 Baazee.com came into this business. It is a market place model where users could buy and sell pre-owned products. Later it acquired by us based e-commerce giant eBay.

In the year 2002 IRCTC introduced online ticket booking. It convinced people to use their credit card online, they also trust it as it is under government surveillance. A notable achievement for the e-commerce in India.

Then in 2003 Air Decan came who introduced low cost airline to India which was to create an industry for airline ticketing. Later in 2005 MakeMyTrip.com and in 2006 yatra.com come to this market and give hotel booking holiday trip packages.

Other e-commerce company’s introduction in Indian market are Bookmyshow.com and flipkart.com 2007, Myntra.com in 2009, Snapdeal.com in 2010, Jabong.com in 2011, Amazon.in in 2013 etc. In 2020 covid-19 has a big impact in e-commerce revolution. People now trusting in online shopping as it is safer.

How YupServe Dealing with It?

YupServe is an e-commerce and drop shipping startup, situated at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It got it’s recognition from startup India & startup Odisha in 2019. The name “YupServe” means ‘yes we serve’. It works in the motive of ‘yes we can serve’ everything whatever customer demands. It deals with both b2b and b2c business. Yupdropship.com deals with b2b and yupserve.com deals with b2c department.

  • Yupserve.com

 Yupserve.com is just like an online market or mall where one can find various types of products and services. Customers can order products or book any services they need anywhere from their devices. It has d2c (direct to customer) service. It provides products from their own warehouse. Yupserve.com is available in all the platforms i.e. windows, android play store and apple app store.

How its actually happening:-

You can order a product or book a service from yupserve.com by using any electronic devices like pc, Smartphone, tablets etc. whenever you want. Following are some steps how e-commerce companies serving their customers:-

Products showcase:- In this step e-commerce companies show the different type of products they have with sufficient details about it like price, color, size, fabric, weight etc.

Processing mechanism:– It is the process when customer select their required color and size give delivering address and put the order.

Payment Gateway:- Customer now have to pay the amount of money for the specific product. There are various types of payment options available there like, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

Delivery of Product:– Once customer make payment, the e-commerce site must ensure the delivery of that product in good condition and on-time. Logistics is a big process so most of the companies deal with third party logistics providers for this.

After sale service:– Customers need to be serviced pre-sales as well as post sales. Before the sale, customers might have queries about product features that are not mentioned on the website. After the sale, customers might have queries related to the usage, repair of the products or services that they have already purchased.

Reverse logistics:– There is no guarantee of supplying an error-free product. If products get damaged or stop functioning after a while, or a wrong product is delivered, then the ecommerce seller must ensure the flow of products in the reverse direction known as reverse logistics, where goods flow from customer to the seller.

  • Why Yupserve.com is unique?

It provides different categories like Fashion, Handicrafts, Home & Groceries, Electrical & electronics, Hardware products, Medicines & Health Care, House services, in one platform. No need to visit different platforms for each thing. It will definitely save customers’ valuable time and easy to asses.

Main problem it solves is the delivery time it takes is very short. It promises to    deliver your ordered product within 3/4 hours where it has its warehouses, and in case of other cities it takes average of 3/4 days.

It solves the problem of house services also. No need to worry too much when you need ac repairing/servicing, carpenters, civil construction service, electricians, plumbers , just set your suitable time slot, no need to wait for them or take leave form job and also no need to travel near them.

  • Yupdropship.com

Yupdropship.com is the b2b model of YupServe. It is a drop shipping business. It gives software as a service (saas) to its clients. It provides a platform to different businesses where they can show their products and sell them their customers online.

Ex. You have a business and u want to digitalize or you want to sell online, in that case, Yupserve will provide software where you can make your own website with your business name and then can add your products there and you will able to sell your products online there. In return you have to give a yearly subscription fee to YupServe.

In other hand YupServe is also creating entrepreneurs. If an individual is interested to start a business but he don’t have any products, in that case it will help them to make their website and promote its products there and they will earn commissions as per the products sold in their website.


Yupserve is at its beginning, in this initial stage it is providing its products and services in quick time within Bhubaneswar only and is open for whole world on standard delivery basis.. It is planning to enhance their business by acquiring other cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai etc. As in this pandemic situation we need to take care of ourselves, so almost everyone focusing on online shopping. Hence yupserve going to be a very helpful platform for us.

India is becoming the country with the highest number of people using the internet. So India has a huge impact and adverse effects of e-commerce. So, e-commerce has brought a wave of revolution in the country.

Please refer to our website yupserve.com & yupdropship.com

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