YupServe is an e-commerce startup, situated at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It got it’s recognition from startup India & startup Odisha in 2019. The name “YupServe” means ‘yes we serve’. It works in the motive of ‘yes we can serve’ everything whatever customer demands. It deals with both b2b and b2c business. Yupdropship.com deals with b2b and yupserve.com deals with b2c department.

                Yupserve.com is just like an online market or mall where one can find various types of products and services. Customers can order and product or book any services they need anywhere from their devices. It has d2c (direct to customer) service. It provides products from their own warehouse. Yupserve.com is available in all the platforms i.e. windows, android play store and apple app store.

What it provides:-

  • It has fashion category, where user can buy shirts, t-shirts, sarees, women dresses, shoes etc. according to their gender, age, and sizes.
  • There is a handcrafted category, where user can find different hand made products.
  • In the home & groceries category customers can buy home related products ex. kitchen stove, water bottle, wipers and also able to buy groceries at a very low price.
  • Electronics & electrical category helps customers to find different products like watches, mobile phones, fan, bulbs etc.
  • It also has a special category for hardware products which can help customers to find them easily.
  • Yupserve also deals with medicines & health care. Customer can find their medicines at their doorsteps with just one click and no need to travel to market.
  • A very special category which makes Yupserve unique is house services. Customers can book for Ac repairing & servicing, carpenters, civil constructions service, electricians, plumbers at their suitable time slots.
  • It also provides a platform for learning. It has different courses and very helpful lectures.

What it solves:-

  • It provides all the above mentioned categories in one platform, no need to visit different platforms for each thing. It will definitely save customers’ valuable time and easy to asses.
  • Main problem it solves is the delivery time it takes is very short. It promises to    deliver your ordered product within 3 /4 hours, while others take an average of 3/4  days.
  • It solves the problem of house services. No need to worry too much when you need ac repairing/servicing, carpenters, civil construction service, electricians, plumbers , just set your suitable time slot, no need to wait for them or take leave form job and also no need to travel near them.

                 Yupdropship.com provides software as a service (saas) to its clients. It provides a platform to different businesses where they can show their products and sell them their customers online.

                 Yupserve is at its beginning; at its initial stage it is providing its services within Bhubaneswar only with its quick delivery service and has standard delivery for the rest of the world. It is planning to enhance their business by acquiring other cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai etc. As in this pandemic situation we need to take care of ourselves, so almost everyone focusing on online shopping. Hence yupserve going to be a very helpful platform for us.

Please refer to our website yupserve.com & yupdropship.com

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