Yupserve is a new born e-commerce company.  ‘Yup’ means yes and ‘serve’ means we can serve. Its total meaning is yes we serve what customer demands. Yupserve is inaugurated by MP Aparajita Sarangi on 15th of August, 2019 and its founder cum director Mr. Dibyajyoti Mohanty has a vision of providing products and services in quick time. Yupserve is awarded an office near Infocity Bhubaneswar, by startup from Odisha govt.

It can sell every categories of product like as fashion, grocery, medicine, electronics, hardware etc. Yupserve also provide services like as electrician, plumbing, ac servicing repair carpenters and civil construction etc. Yupserve is a super app type that can provide product delivery and service within 3/4hours. Yupserve is most prominent e-commerce website and it is empowering tons of Indian venture into the competitive online shopping industry .This app is a simple super app and it is user friendly.

E-commerce has deeply affected our daily life. In this pandemic situation peoples are dependent on online shopping and yupserve will definitely help them.                

Yupserve is dealing with 2 types of business models:-

1. B2C (business to customer) – It means selling of products directly to customer.

2. B2B (business to business) – It means business conducted between two companies, such as wholesalers and online retailers.

Yupserve is focused on customer’s day-to-day problems and it gives good benefits of its cash back features. It is a wonderful app built for India.

It has its own warehouse. It is able to provide services in 3 to 4 hrs in certain location, where it has its warehouse and in 3 to 4 days to non warehouse places.   

In future it has a plan of expanding its business to different locations of the country.

Please refer to our website yupserve.com & yupdropship.com

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