Betting on Cricket in India: Betways & Bet365 Exit from Indian Market: Taxation Issues Plaguing Bettors

Cricket, often dubbed as a religion in India, has a massive following in the country. With the advent of technology and the rise of online platforms, betting on cricket and other games has become increasingly popular. However, along with the excitement and potential profits, bettors in India face a significant concern – taxation issues. In this blog, we will explore the world of Indian cricket betting and the tax implications that are causing worry for many enthusiasts.

The Rise of Betting in India

Mainly Cricket and Football betting has been a prevalent activity in India and world for decades, whether through informal networks or through underground betting rings. With the rise of the internet and the availability of online betting platforms, the accessibility and popularity of betting have soared. Many now indulge in betting on any matches, ranging from international tournaments to domestic leagues.

Taxation Issues Faced by Bettors

1.         Taxability of Betting Winnings:

2.         Tax Deducted at Source (TDS):.

3.         Lack of Clarity on Taxation Rules:

4.         Confusion on Reporting of Income:

5.         Tax on Both Winnings and Stakes:

Possible Solutions and Suggestions

1.         Clear Taxation Guidelines:

2.         Tax Relief on Stakes:

3.         Education and Awareness:

4.         Advocacy for Bettors’ Rights:


While betting on cricket offers excitement and potential monetary gains, the taxation issues in India remain a cause for concern among many betting companies. Addressing these issues through clear guidelines, tax relief measures, and enhanced awareness can pave the way for a more transparent and fair environment for online gambling & betting enthusiasts in any country.


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