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We are B2C & B2B platform so no need to worry as the products are directly packaged and delivered directly to you from our warehouses.

And YES ! You can be our dropship partner too.

Yupserve.com or Yupdropship.com are b2c and b2b platforms.  We have our own warehouses and we pack & deliver directly to the customers. We believe in creating entrepreneurship so we have a b2b channel which is used to enhance our dropshipping partners. Our motto is to create entrepreneurs around us under the micro-entrepreneurship program. So “Let’s create Entrepreneurs”.

Yes, YupServe deals in both B2B & B2C.

Yes ! Of course but after verification of products and vendors.

Not quite but as the platform is made also to add vendors and its products, its quite obvious we are a type of marketplace. But in reality we are more inclined to sell verified products that are stored in our warehouses so as the quality remains at the top level.

We have a long workflow ahead of us. We are more focused on solving real time problems that even many apps and web are not able to deliver. We have the intuition to create a sustainable model where everyone could be beneficial from the connection within a frame of network.

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